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Frequently Asked Questions

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Adding a second IP address to your VPS

Adding an additional IP address to your VPS is simple. Whether you need it for another DNS server, or even a cPanel server - they are added automatically to your server for an additional $1.00 per month.

Our Refund Policy

We generally refund within 7 days of purchase. Each account is limited to one refund (exceptions can be made) and we have full discretion on whether a refund will be issued.

Removing an additional IP

Please contact us to remove the IP address. You will not be refunded for the remaining portion of the month.

Is billing prorated?

Yes - we bill on the 1st of each month.

Our support hours

Apart from national and provincial holidays in Ontario, you can open a ticket or call us at any time (9 AM - 4 PM Eastern) and we will forward your call to a support specialist.

Do you allow gameservers?

We allow gameservers on our VPSes and dedicated servers. On virtual servers, please remember that CPU usage is limited; we restart virtual servers that maintain a load of one or more for thirty minutes. Repeat offenders will have their service suspended.